Monday, February 7, 2011

Workshop Group Work #8:

I walked through the valley of life.

I saw darkness and felt fright.

Tripped on stones and picked-up sticks

Stumbled as nothing felt right.

Sometimes I saw light but often, I felt darkness.

I felt it in my mind, my heart, my bones

But something inside of me could melt all of the sadness

And there, I found the light in me I’ve long been searching for.

My Adieu

I want to leave without leaving

For thoughts of you

I can’t undo

Burning in me,


You’ve been my life, my blood, my all

The light that guides

The voice that leads

My sweetest dream

The air I breathe.

But now we come to this goodbye

Please hold me tight

Just one more time

A second’s bliss

My torment wish.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Workshop Group Work #7:

Close your eyes

Feel the fleeting sensation.

Hold my hand; don’t let go.

Touch my lips and feel my heart.

I can feel the peace and hear the laughter

That the two of us can share forever.

We may stumble, but don’t let us crumble

Into separate pieces, detached from each other.

Kain, Suot, Sulat

By: Calypso

Kung ang UP ay pagkain

Masarap siya

Pangmidnight snack

Sweet but toxic.

Kung ang UP ay sapatos

Colorful ‘to

Red, black, yellow

Stylish and new.

Kung ang UP ay panulat

Sarap dalhin


Handy and cute.

Workshop Group Work #6:

We catch the words, as if they’re chocolate marshmallows

Fluffy sentences in my head, sweet and nice.

Life’s delicious, go ahead, take a bite then swallow.

Enjoy the sensation, savor the pleasure.

Let your mouth melt the marshmallow, enjoy the chocolate

A contrast of textures that only life can give,

Sweet and salty, soft and hard

Let it melt and let yourself go.

UP Students: Why We're Awesome

By: Polaroid

People outside think we’re awesome.

Though some would try

To put us down,

Still, we outshine.

Not just ‘cause we’re smart and witty,

But ‘cause we care

For the country—

Not just ourselves.

We’re a bunch of people who know

That our strength lies

In our freedom

To live our lives.

Workshop Group Work #5:

A Play on Words

Resistance, capacitance—what are these?

Who among us have the courage to have them?

Will you try despite all the risks?

For the consolations, that one sweet kiss?

Oh yes I will, my love, yes I will.

Love takes courage, yet being brave is not being in love

To give all we have to the uncertain

Can measure our resistance,

Can define our capacitance.